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ISC_CIN ISC (Investigative Screening & Consulting) Connect is the solution rental property owners and managers have been crying out for. We’ve combined the hands-on human element of investigative techniques we’ve always been known for with the speed, convenience, and cost-cutting power of the digital age to provide you with an all-in-one, mobile web-enabled screening process. Now members receive a discounted $0.95 set up fee. There is a reason so many national and local chapters are turning to us for help.

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Real Estate Investing & Insurance – More Than Meets the Eye Lee Rogers, President RealProtect

On behalf of the entire team at realprotect, we are excited to be the official insurance partner of  National REIA.  We look forward to working with you to provide superior information and insurance products to protect your real estate investments.  We have just rolled out a brand new insurance program that is EXCLUSIVE to REIA members!As with any new relationship, we feel it is important for you to know a little bit about us and our philosophy when it comes to insuring real estate business.  Let’s face it – if you’re an investor with multiple properties or just thinking about buying your first piece of property, you’re in the real estate business.

  • Show Me The Money!

    Yes, a TV or movie reference. . . so how can you start the process of reviewing your     program with us?  There are several different ways.  First, our website is  You     can gather information, download forms or send your information via our online quote portal.      We are also available via phone at 1-800-579-0652 or email Julie Johnson at     [email protected]  Feel     free to send Julie whatever information you have and we will get a     call or web-ex set up to find out     about your operations.   Julie works 100% of the time with     National REIA members, so she is a great resource for you to utilize to anwer questions about our     program.  The website also has a tool that many investors find helpful – our risk management     toolbox.  The toolbox contains different modules on things like what insurance terms mean,     proper risk transfer practices, checklists and sample documents.  Check the toolbox often, as     we are constantly updating and adding content.

  • Properly Insuring Your Business is NOT a “15 Minutes Can Save You 15%” Conversation.   

You would be hard pressed today to turn on the television and watch for 30 minutes without seeing at least 2 or 3 insurance commercials.  Most of these are auto insurance commercials and many of the large insurance companies today have made auto insurance a commodity like any other.  While that philosophy can be argued from both sides, we don’t feel that the same principal should apply to taking a look at your real estate activities.  To properly structure a policy and to give you the most coverage for your dollars, we feel that it is important to have a deep understanding of your operations, properties and property management.  Our process involves gathering this information and giving you a properly structured policy that will respond in the event of a claim.  After all, in the event of an unfortunate claim, it will take a lot longer than 15 minutes to get it settled.

  • “That’s What She Said”

    No, we’re not talking about the catch phrase that Steve Carell used so often in “The Office” as     hapless manager Michael Scott.  The “she” in this conversation is your policy.  A big part of our job     is to help you understand exactly what “she” says.  For example, how will your policy cover you for     situations like:  vacant homes, freezing pipes, replacement cost, co-insurance, mold or liability     claims involving pools, dogs or assault and battery?  The fine print of policies can be confusing at     best and incomprehensible at worst.  As a part of our process, we review your current policies and     offer an analysis based on key issues that real estate investor’s face.

  • Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?

This reference may be a stretch, but we try to answer a similar question all the time – which is more     important, coverage or price?  There is no perfect answer to that question and it is not possible to     insure for every peril that a real estate investor faces (at least at an affordable price!).  We feel that     the answer to that question is different for each and every client that we work with.  It is our job to     make you aware of the risks and exposures that you face and to guide you into making an informed     decision.  The placement of your insurance with us is the final step in our process and if you have     all of the tools necessary to make the best decision for you, we hope that you’ll insure with us.  If     not, we have still acted as a good partner to you and National REIA for helping further your     understanding of your risk management and insurance risks.  Will we always be the lowest priced     policy in the market?  Of course not.  But do we feel that our process and policy are good for     helping you as a real estate investor?  Absolutely.

Risk Management and Insurance can be a pretty dry and boring topic, but it is an essential part of helping you realize your goal of financial gain from real estate investing.  A good, solid program that you understand can go a long way to giving you peace of mind.  So whether you’re “in good hands” “like a good neighbor” or have an insurance company “on your side”, we look forward to working with you for many years to come.

RF_BENWhat if you took all the work that a real estate investor has to do on a daily basis – things like finding deals, analyzing properties, making offers, and finding buyers – and put it all into one system that helps you complete each task faster? That is what you have with Realeflow.

REIFA_BENThe Real Estate Investment and Funding Association (REIFA) aims to launch a platform to better connect funders & investors in order to create easy, consistent & abundant deal flow. Members will post both their offer & their work criteria; those facets will be analyzed instantly to find the ideal match. With peer to peer review, we let the community build and back the integrity of each match alongside REIFA.

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OM_CINIt’s Your Workplace. Let’s Streamline It. It’s time to change the way you work.  Let’s take efficiency to the next level. Let’s boost your cost savings and empower your bottom line. Let’s provide the insight and expertise needed to put your organization in control ways many never thought possible. Welcome to OfficeMax Workplace, The Preferred Supplier for We’re more than a vendor or supplier. We’re your strategic partner. Your ally. Your advocate. An extension of your team-one that’s putting almost 50 years of business expertise to work for you. Streamlining your workplace is what we do best.  Let’s make it happen-together. members receive 25% off all purchases of Personal Investor Market Reports when they use their coupon code provided by their local association. Local Market Monitor provides decision tools for residential real estate investors with straight-forward logic and real time information for opportunity analysis.

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PS_CINThe Shipping Program, managed by PartnerShip®, is a comprehensive inbound and outbound shipping program that combines simplicity, savings, and value to all members. As the endorsed shipping management provider, PartnerShip works with FedEx, UPS Freight, YRC Freight, and other reputable carriers to provide unparalleled customer service and significant savings on every shipment. Members who enroll in this free program receive discounts on small package, LTL freight, truckload, and tradeshow shipments with no minimums or obligations.

CS_CINCOLLECT BAD CHECKS with BounceBack Check Recovery! Stop chasing bounced rent payments and let the professionals handle the collections. Cash Flow’s check services, recurring payments and credit card processing can also make your payments more profitable to accept. members receive up to 20% off all purchases of Retractable Bannesr, Yard Signs and accessories, Vinyl Banners and more from the World’s Largest Online Sign Retailer, Upload your own artwork or use their design tool to make your own custom signs and have them delivered right to your doorstop. All Signage can be purchased through’s custom signage portal.

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