Wednesday 5/27/15 6:30pm Be an NH RE Agent, Home Depot discounts, Landlord Tenant issues and Wholesaling

I look forward to our Meeting this Wednesday, where First I’ve got a short discussion about Wholesaling and Funding Real Estate “Deals” and Transactions. There are a lot Misconceptions about How Easy it is to Fund your Deal with “Hard/Private” Money. and What’s in your Pipeline? It’s very unlikely you’ll knock on three doors and get a “Deal”. But you’ll learn what is a typical Pipeline and what numbers you need to fill it and convert it!

Then a Buy-Sell-Networking introduction and our Featured Speakers and Topics!

Real Estate Investors – Want to become a Licensed New Hampshire, Real Estate Broker? Here’s what it takes and here’s where you’ve got to avoid the mine fields! Let’s do a “Ben Franklin” on this and meet some of Susan’s Successful Graduates

Landlords – THE top Southern NH Eviction Attorney, Fred will go through a Tenancy setup. Why Tenancys go bad? What do you do when they’re bad? and What to expect?

Contractors – Here’s Home Depot with your 2% cashback! and what are their other Pro Programs to support Contractors?

Doors open at 6:30pm, 7:00pm is Buy-Sell-Networking 7:30 our speakers take the podium. No charge to members, only $9.99 for guests or $99.00/year to join. Current Members of No Charge throughout your membership term!

We’ll be meeting at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 2 Somerset Parkway, Nashua, NH 03063

I look forward to see you there, Mike Hurney, Director PO Box 1560, Nashua, NH 03061

[email protected] cell 781-405-1845

Spring(?) / Summer Checklist

Spring (if it ever arrives) / Summer Checklist

You can keep your rentals (and your own home) running smoothly and looking great with this simple checklist. Making these repairs and/or additions may also attract possible Tenants to that vacancy you’ve been trying to rent…

* At least twice a year I go through our rentals with the Tenants and ask that they label, even with a postit note what items in the basement/storage area belong to them. Then I have them review what’s left that they have no ownership of and we make a run to the dump. This is much cheaper and safer to do rather than wait until it’s so packed with junk that it’s a hazard.

* Repair window screens and check screening on porches before bug season arrives. Save old screens for future patches.

* Build or repair fences and arbors so they’ll be ready for planting season. We like “whiskey” barrels at our rentals and Depot now has “Mixed” plantings with several variety that don’t bloom all at once.

* Repair deck boards as needed; remove protruding nails and replace with coated or galvanized screws. Be sure to check and tighten bolts in deck supports.

* Clean and seal wood deck as necessary. Deck stains with at least some pigment last longer than clear sealers.

* Reverse ceiling fans – they should have been blowing upward in the Winter and clean the tops of the fan blades.

* Check that Winter wind hasn’t lifted vinyl or aluminum siding then repair.

* Wash black streaks from the roof. Use prepared cleaner or save some extra money and mix your own: Combine one part chlorine bleach with three parts water and a handful of trisodium phosphate. Apply to small section of roof with a garden sprayer, let soak 20 minutes then rinse with a hose.

* Wash siding and gutters with a similar solution. You’ll have fewer streaks if you start from the bottom. Always be careful with ladders around power lines.

* Scrape and touch up exterior paint, paying special attention to window sills, gable vents and garage doors.

* Complete large exterior painting jobs. Follow the shade – don’t paint in direct sun – and quit before dusk so the paint can dry before dew forms. Cheap paint is not a bargain. For most exterior jobs, look for 100% acrylic and buy at least the “better” quality.

* Clean gas grill and replace any rusted or damaged parts.

* Check crawl space for moisture and remove debris. If you spot signs of termites or carpenter ants, call a professional.

* Clean concrete drives, walk-ways and patios, clean as needed.

Thanks to our friends at and ChicagoREIA

Should I become a Real Estate Agent?

There are three questions I’m asked all the time and THE most asked is:

Should I become a Real Estate Agent?

First I’d like to address why you’re asking this?

Next what does it take on your part to become an agent?

What are the Advantages and the Drawbacks when you become an agent?

A Summary

Then of course what are the other two questions.

(part 1)

Why you’d be asking about becoming a Real Estate Agent:

*Maybe you’ve been impressed by an agent?

The few that have impressed me go beyond the Agent requirements. They’re familiar with all the other connections that must be made to complete a transaction.

and by the way the usual Flow of a Real Estate transaction is:

A home owner selects a Real Estate Broker to represent them.

The Listing Broker places the Listing of the Property (all the pertinent details) on the MLS (multiple Listing Service).

All the other Real Estate Brokers that have access to the MLS then see that Listing and bring it to the attention of their Buyers.

When a Buyer sees a property they’re interested in, they make an offer either through their Buyer Agent or directly to the Listing Broker. There is a misconception here to some Buyers about the commission. Commissions are usually 5-6% and set by the Seller with their Listing Broker. This commission is paid no matter whether a Buyer Agent is used or if only a Seller/Listing Agent is used.

So should a Buyer use a Buyer Agent? Only if the Buyer Agent will actually “work” with you! That means they’ll send you regular Listings of Property that’s For Sale in a Price Range (assuming you’ve been financially PreQualified by a Lender) and in an Area you’re interested in. A Buyer Agent should also be available at least 8 hours a day, evenings and weekends. After all most residential Real Estate is viewed evenings and weekends. Comps should also be sent at your request on a regular basis to help you justify an offer. “Comps” are Comparable recently SOLD properties

* Maybe you think it’s a lucrative field and in turn a Profession that could sustain your lifestyle?

The advantage to becoming a residential Real Estate Agent is that you can work it Full Time (up to 8 hours a day, evenings and weekends), Part Time (when you feel like working) or when it fits your current business (should you decide to Buy or Sell your own property) However it is a Business and a Profession and the more Smart time you put into it the more money you’ll make!

* Maybe you’d like to enhance your current Real Estate Investing or Landlording business?

Does seeing property the minute it’s placed on that MLS give you the idea you’re at an advantage? How about the fact that you’ll be receiving a commission on the Buy or Sell that you’re transacting? Also there’s the access to “Comps” anytime, night or day that you’re interested.


MLS on the way out? We’ll see what a bite Trulia and Zillow can take out of that restrictive access MLS!

(part 2 on the way…) However It’ll be your good fortune to meet Susan Barry who’s consistently maintained THE best Real Estate Broker school in NH on May 27, 2015 in Nashua! She’s also bringing a couple of her MOST successful students.

Next meeting Wednesday, May 27, 2015 6:30 – 9:00pm

Real Estate Investors – Want to become a Licensed Real Estate Broker? Here’s what it takes and here’s where you’ve got to avoid the mine fields!

Landlords – What’s it take for a Legal Tenancy and what can you do when problems arise?

Contractors – Here’s Home Depot with your 2% cashback!

Doors open at 6:30pm, 7:00pm is Buy-Sell-Networking 7:30 our speakers take the podium. No charge to members, only $9.99 for guests or $99.00/year to join.

We’ll be meeting at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, 2 Somerset Parkway, Nashua, NH 03063

I look forward to see you there, Mike Hurney, Director PO Box 1560, Nashua, NH 03061

[email protected] cell 781-405-1845

What we’re all about…

is a Trade Association of Contractors, Landlords & Investors that meets periodically for Networking and Education in the Real Estate field.

We cover at least ONE of a dozen topics within each of the three groups at each meeting:

Contractors – 1. Qualifications/Licenses. 2. Business Entity Structure
3. Insurance. 4. Estimating. 5. Bidding. 6. Tools/Materials/Supplies
7. Employee vs SubContractors. 8. Contracts. 9. Jobsite. 10. OSHA
11. Payments. 12. Collections
Landlords – 1. Rental Property. 2, Board of Health. 3. Any Current Agreements. 4. For Rent. 5. Advertising. 6. Qualifying. 7. Move-in
8. Application, Lease, Statement of Conditions, Escrow Account, “Blue” Lead sheet. 9. Training System for Smooth Tenant-Landlord Relations. 10. Emergencies. 11. Problems Attorney Solved
12. Problems Housing Court Solved. 13. Referrals
Core Program Real Estate Investors – 1. Layout your Area to Invest in. 2. Find the “traffic” in that Area. 3. Friends and Influences. 4. Make an Offer. 5. Qualify a Borrower. 6. “Comps”. 7. Counter Offers
8. Rehabbing and Estimating. 9. “To Flip or Not to Flip?”
10. The Dirtiest 11 Letter Word – Landlording. 11. Networking.

  1. Vision

Other Benefits of Joining for only $99/year at

2% Cashback from ALL Home Depot purchases.

Discounted (Group Rate) Property & Liability Insurance

Discounts on all Sherwin Williams paint and supplies.

And member discounts at FedEx, OfficeMax, Office Depot, Constant Contact email, advertising at, CallFire call system, Avis, Budget and more.

You’re welcome to reach me at [email protected]

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