Benefits of Joining us at

Benefits of Joining us at

We’re an organization devoted to supporting and training all our Investors (from new to experienced) our busy Contractor members and our conscientious Landlords!

** 1. Education.

2. Discounts, Access and Special Offers.

3. Networking and Connections.

4. Build Your Team help.

5. Benefits extend beyond the Membership.

**In our on-line world I often hear “I can get EVERYTHING on-line.” It’s tempting to use this exclusively. However it’s often compared to wondering into a forest to forage for food at night. Yes it’s there and in abundance under the right circumstances but being in the dark, alone and not being able to “vett” your sources is not the optimum way to get ahead. Our sheds light on multiple investing strategies so you can find what works for you and you can target the education best for you.

About the Author Mike Hurney

Mike Hurney is the Founder and Director of, an Association of Contractors, Investors and Landlords. He is the Author and Coach of the popular Course "How to Become a Real Estate Investor in 12 Easy Lessons" which Trains and Guides Beginners or Sharpens and Challenges the Skill of Advanced Investors. Mike is a Successful Real Estate Investor, Rehabber and Landlord. He's also a Licensed Mortgage Broker and Construction Supervisor.

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