Are your New Hampshire Real Estate Taxes high?

Are your New Hampshire Real Estate Taxes high?

Your RE Tax bill is based on two things, the Rate and the Valuation. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to change the Rate which is up to $24. per thousand dollars of valuation. (Example $300,000. property at $24./thousand = $7,200. annual tax bill).

But you may be able to change the valuation. If you know it’s not accurate, If you can prove it and convince your City/Town Tax Assessor.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016 6:30-9:00pm we’ve got Tax Abatement Specialists that will show you how this is done and how they can do it for you. This may not be a big expense for you High Rollers but it’s significant to me which is why I review my properties every year (within the VERY limited time we have to File an Abatement).

We meet at Martha’s Exchange, 185 Main Street, Nashua, NH 03060 No charge to members, Only $10 for guests or Only $99/year to join

Market Update, Light refreshments/Cash Bar

*We’ll learn How Property valuations are generated.

*What to do as soon as you feel these values are not accurate. Most of our Cities and Towns provide great service for the Real Estate Taxes that we pay. Often times we take these essential services (Water, Sewer, Police and Fire Departments and Schools) for granted. But there is no sense in paying more than your fair share.

*When do you file for an Abatement.

*What should be included.

*When do you seek Legal Representation in this process?

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