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Check our Vendors & next meet Tuesday, February, 27, 2018 6:30pm

Good morning, (Wednesday, February 21, 2018 7:35am)

1. Arcana Insurance It’s time to get a checkup on our Home Owners (HO1 and HO3) policies. In my case it is because MetLife said I’ve left an employer where I received a discount on one of my Policies (duh, I left in 2003…). So if you’re doing your annual checking, take your “Dec” pages (1st page of your policy is the Declaration page with the coverages and costs). What is important to me are the Personal Liability and Deductibles. I redact the costs of those coverages and fax that page to a different insurer each year, for a quick Policy review – If they are less, I consider them, if not… is a Vendor member and should be offering us a substantial discount on the cost of coverage.

Make sure you let me know how you make out with this new Vendor! Mike

2. ISC Tenant check – Who would let a stranger into a $200,000. apartment (average rental in this area) without knowing anything about them? I hear it all the time… However as the head of the Massachusetts Housing Courts, Judge Tim Sullivan tells us: Get on Hosing Court (no cost) and check to see if your Possible Tenant has ever been there. Needless to say you’ve already got an iPhone image of their government issued ID (Mass Drivers License) Then your final check is with another of our Vendors offering us a discount –

3. Home Depot – Contractors don’t forget to take advantage of our Number #1 Vendor, who has paid millions to research Commercial and Residential building material trends: What’s Hot? What’s Not? and When to find Buyers with their Tax Returns, Ready to upgrade! This can be your roadmap to what your Customers are looking to do!! Check out the online or instore flyer!

4. What’s involved in taking possession of a Tenants possessions (after a Housing Court Eviction of course)??? Kirill will give us the lowdown (2/27/2018) on our responsibilities and Liabilities because his company has successfully handled many of these important moves!

5. Doug Grady will be our very important Main Speaker with Reason #10 to attend next Tuesday, February 27th which is:

How to Let Go of What Isn’t Working! Some folks find it hard to even identify which areas of their business and life are not carrying their weight but once you do and Let go, your Life is completely different!

I look forward to seeing you next Tuesday! February 27, 2018 6:30 – 9pm Early if you want info on your “new” Kitchen, Bathroom or Floor with JR the manager of 47 Newbury Street (Route 1 North just before Sonic carhop) Peabody, MA 01960 No charge to Members of or NewHampshire Only $25 for Guests or Only $99./year to join!

Mike Hurney, Director & PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945