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Tomorrow evening Finding Good Deals in this Market, Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Investors, Contractors and Landlords,

Tomorrow evening Tony Youngs is our expert Guest Speaker on Finding Deals. With the information you’ll leave with, it’s going to make finding good deals your main priority.

And as he also says:

“When you are Finding Good Deals in this Market, EVERYBODY wants to back you!”

Doors open at 6:30 pm at Martha’s Restaurant, 185 Main Street, Nashua, NH 03060 Warm Hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar.

Buy-Sell-Networking, Finance and Real Estate Market Update

then Tony 7:30 – 9pm

No charge to members, only $10/guests or $99/year to join.

See you there, Mike

PS Most of his techniques for finding Deals are even better than the ones successful “Listing Queen” Brokers use.

This could give you the edge you need, Tony Youngs, September 30

My good friend Tony Youngs, September 30 will be “in the house”

next Tuesday, September 29, Peabody, MA

Wednesday, September 30 in Nashua, NH

and ALL Day on Saturday, October 3, 9-4pm in Peabody, MA

Why Attend?

The competition is getting fierce, you will learn how to get an edge. You will be trained how to get really good at finding the best and most profitable deals and other investors will be begging you to call them with your treasures. Your instructor makes approximately 20 offers per month and knows what works. He has a gift of passing it on to you in an easy to understand format then you’ll be ready to roll.

The “Hidden Market”

During this 90 minute presentation Tuesday or Wednesday, You will learn that there are 7 ways to profit with just 1 foreclosure. There is no shortage of foreclosures so with 7 ways to profit, you will learn to earn a consistent monthly income. You will develop a system and the discipline to apply it. Also learn how to deal with defaulting owners, discount liens and 2nd trust deeds or mortgages, buy defaulted notes, buy at foreclosure auctions, buy unlisted repossessed properties, properties in bankruptcy, & probate, and “hidden market” houses with no for sale signs. The hidden market is the wave of the future. This is Tony’s specialty. He will teach you how to find 20+ hidden market properties per week. If you’re not making offers, you’re not making money.

BONUS: Marketing Letter to Bring the Hidden Market Out Into The Open

We begged Tony Youngs to give you his most valuable bonus and he agreed! You will receive the Letter he sends (or drops off) to each “Hidden Market” Property when you attend Tuesday in Peabody or Wednesday in Nashua.

Get this letter Tuesday or Wednesday, learn how to use it on Saturday, make offers within 14 days!

Our monthly meetings are Always No Charge to members, Only $25. for guests, Only $99/year to join. I look forward to see you at this important meeting! Saturday ALL Day $29. members, Only $39. not-yet-members.

Mike Hurney, Director, PO Box 307, Marblehead, MA 01945 PO Box 1560, Nashua, NH 03061

[email protected] 781-405-1845

Benefits of Joining us at

Benefits of Joining us at

We’re an organization devoted to supporting and training all our Investors (from new to experienced) our busy Contractor members and our conscientious Landlords!

** 1. Education.

2. Discounts, Access and Special Offers.

3. Networking and Connections.

4. Build Your Team help.

5. Benefits extend beyond the Membership.

**In our on-line world I often hear “I can get EVERYTHING on-line.” It’s tempting to use this exclusively. However it’s often compared to wondering into a forest to forage for food at night. Yes it’s there and in abundance under the right circumstances but being in the dark, alone and not being able to “vett” your sources is not the optimum way to get ahead. Our sheds light on multiple investing strategies so you can find what works for you and you can target the education best for you.

Investors, Contractors and Landlords,
We’re looking forward to hearing my good friend Tony Youngs speak about breaking into the Hidden Market of Real Estate Opportunities especially since a lot of our members are frustrated with the MLS and Zillow (seems as soon as something is listed, it’s gone for higher than the listing price). Do you think we’re ready for a Housing Bubble to Burst?
The Wave of the Future   (part 1)       by Tony Youngs
The Hidden market consists of all those distressed properties you have seen in neighborhoods where there is no pride of ownership. You know, the ones with high grass, peeling paint, overgrown bushes etc. Usually they are in nice neighborhoods. They can be vacant or occupied, but none of them have for sale signs, no ads in the paper, not on the internet or MLS and because of this, nobody knows these homes can be bought. Maybe you pass by them every day and never even give them a second look.
In the last quarter of 2015, you may want to change your perception of these hidden gems. You see, as we came out of the great foreclosure crisis, and values started to return, so did the demand. Hedge funds were buying everything they could get. Canadians were coming into the market, and investors were coming out of the woodwork. Suddenly it seemed there was not much inventory. Listed properties were getting multiple offers and there is too much competition at the foreclosure auctions. Great deals are few and far between. There is always somebody that will pay a higher price than you.
The Hidden Market is the answer. There are hundreds of distressed off market properties that you can get at bargain prices because there is hardly any competition. .  In the hidden market, you will find properties that are in default, but the foreclosure process has not been started. You will find properties where an owner has died but the heirs don’t have the desire or the funds to fix it up, you will also find distressed free and clear properties, bankruptcy properties and even homes with equity.
You simply must find a way to find properties that not many people know about.  There are three options for profit in real estate that anyone can do to be successful,  whether you have money or not.
Option one…
More to come, Mike Hurney